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Helping our communities build a financially sustainable future

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Who is TCFA?

Together with our related group business, recoveriescorp, we are committed to helping our community build a financially sustainable future. We have extensive experience working with Australia’s major banks, credit providers and financial institutions.

We value and respect our customers and work with them to provide sustainable solutions.

The brand and reputation of our partners is important to us as best practice process and compliance. With a strong values-based culture, we work with customers respectfully and ethically, ensuring our approach achieves a positive customer experience, engagement and success.

Have you heard from us?

You may have received a phone call or message from us. Use our Self Service option to settle your account online. It’s a simple process, click below to find out how.

If you have received a communication from us, you can simply manage your account online via a number of self-service options through our secure Customer Portal to:

  • Make a payment and obtain an electronic receipt

  • Set up a recurring payment arrangement

  • View your payment history and account balance

  • View and accept available settlement offers

  • Schedule emails and/or payment reminders

  • Set up a BPay payment

To visit the Customer Portal, please click below:

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to call 1300 663 060 to make a payment over the phone or to speak to one of our friendly staff members.

Self Service Videos
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Ways to Pay

Your Online Account

Self Serve Now to check your balance, pay an amount, and more

By Phone

Call 1300 663 060 to pay with your credit or debit card


Check your statement for your Reference Number

AusPost BillPay

At any Australia Post branch or Online


Struggling to keep up?

TCFA understands that sometimes in life people can face unexpected changes in their circumstances and our approach is to treat customers with courtesy and respect at all times. Whatever your circumstance, TCFA is ready to assist.

Contact Us or click below to learn more about our hardship process.

Credit Guide

We value and respect our customers and work with them to meet their obligations and progress toward financial recovery over time. Read our Credit Guide to find out more about how we manage our obligations to you under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act.

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