Transaction Capital Finance Australia Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Transaction Capital Ltd (JSE), investing in non-performing credit in Australia.

Together with our related group business, recoveriescorp, we are committed to helping our community build a financially sustainable future. We have extensive experience working with Australia’s major banks, credit providers and financial institutions.

We value and respect our customers and work with them to provide sustainable solutions.

The brand and reputation of our partners is important to us as best practice process and compliance. With a strong values-based culture, we work with customers respectfully and ethically, ensuring our approach achieves a positive customer experience, engagement and success.


Our Values

Integrity goes beyond complying with the law and company policy, to having strong moral principles which inform decisions and actions with regard to families, friends, business colleagues, clients, customers and the company.
Competence is more than just knowing how to do the task we are employed for; it comes from knowing that we have taken the time to prepare ourselves for the next challenge in our development and careers.
Respect means that we treat everyone we meet in the same way that we would like to be treated. It requires an understanding and appreciation of diversity.
Innovation helps us to keep ahead of our competitors, overcome challenges, deal with new and difficult situations, and discover new ways to solve problems for our company, our clients and ourselves.